A while ago the cool people at Self Made Miracle approached me about an illustration for their game. Penarium’s an arcade action game in which you control the very, very unlucky Willy as he tries to not die from a multitude of sadistic circus traps. Wowza!
This illustration was used for various purposes: convention posters, digital game store promotions, etc.
Client: Self Made Miracle
Type: Illustration
Platform: Posters, promo art
Below you will find my initial concept sketches, as well as a sheet showing off many variations of Penarium’s main character, Willy. It might seem superfluous, but since no high-res art of Willy was ever made, it was decided we needed to figure out just how the pixelated character was translated into linework. Are his two pixels wide shoes actually clogs? What does his face look like? What should the non-pixelated proportions be?

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